Land of our Fathers


Session 21

The resistance moves in with a hermit.

Gayle – Doesn’t get eaten by a dragon.

Suresh – Kills a giant worm, also finds an abandoned temple.

Lorella – Teaches the troops how to fight WWE style.

The resistance relocates to an abandoned elven village, where an old druid has made his home. The druid agrees to house the resistance for the time being.
Lorella trains the troops while Gayle and Suresh scout the area. Gayle finds food and habitable caves. Suresh finds an ancient temple and kills a Remorhaz.

After meeting with the resistance council, Suresh, Lorella, and Gayle set out to find a possible temporary base for the resistance. An abandoned elven village lies deeper in the preserve, and the party is sent to find if it will be a suitable temporary residence or not. They scout out the village and find it belongs to an old half orc druid named Zag. After a little convincing from the players, Zag agrees to let the resistance use his home (the abandoned village) as a temporary base The resistance moves in to the village and sets up camp there. The party then splits up to explore the area and train the troops.

Lorella teaches the raw recruits combat techniques, mostly wrestling. She also uses the training time to spot potential future officers.

Gayle scouts out the caves at the base of the mountains to the east. She and her group find some food stuffs, a large cave complex that could serve as a food source (bats and fish) and could shelter up to 100 people comfortably. She also finds a cave, that might possibly house a dragon.

Suresh takes four scouts and the quiet fighter Timothy (Jerry the fighter was way too loud) to scout out the mountains. At the mountains suresh and his men fight quill beasts and find some stone steps that led to a sealed off hidden dwarven temple of Heironeous. Before suresh and company can investigate the temple, they are attacked by a Remorhaz (a giant centipede like monster that does fire damage). Aided by his resistance to fire and with the help of his team, Suresh kills the monster without losing a single man.

After defeating the Remorhaz Suresh decides that it would be better to explore this tomb with the help of his fellow party members, so he travels back to camp to tell the others what has happened. Back at camp the party exchanges stories from their scouting forrays and training missions and plans what to do next.



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