Land of our Fathers


Session 4

Rael dips out in the middle of the night for no fucking reason. The party looks for Rael but finds a wounded wet drow instead. They decide to team up and then proceed to do a bunch of crazy hobo murder shit.

Nil: Stabs a dude’s hands to the ground then chokes him to death as slowly as possible, and if you think that sounds horrible, he later stabs and kills a pregnant woman (but to be fair she kind of had it coming).

Vellen: Is allergic to fish.

Bolas: Is totally cool with burning down a riverboat full of innocents.

Lorella: Headbutts someone to death.

Suresh: Is bad at pull ups, but really good at punching people in the face till they die.

Rael leaves the party to seek a promise of power. The party meets up with a Drow who has been betrayed and robbed, he says he can help the party out if they help him recover his belongings. The party agrees and teams up with the Drow. They track the Drow’s betrayer to a riverboat, and after a brief fight the Drow get’s his revenge and reclaims his gear. The party then travels to the farm that Lorella grew up on, which has been taken over by orcs. The party slays the orcs and Lorella is able to take back her farm, which is not in very good condition

Home Stead
The wand that Rael found tells him that to unlock the power of the wand he must travel to a site of power and perform a dark ritual there. Rael agrees and departs in the middle of the night without saying a word. (Taylor wanted to play a new character)

The party wakes and finds Rael is missing. They go to search for him, they do not find him but they do see a wounded drow that is swimming across a river. The drow tells them that his name is Nil and that he was betrayed by a companion who stabbed him in the back stole all his belongings and let him be captured by a group of evil druids. Nil nearly escaped being ritually sacrificed by the druids, he tells them that if there friend came this way he is mostly likely dead. He tells them that if they help him recover his belongings that he will help they by giving them information and helping them find resources (he knows of caches where the drow store equipment). He also tells them that they are in the druid’s territory and that they need to leave immediately.

Vellen has a very bad allergic reaction to the fish that they ate the night before. His throat swells up, and almost closes completely, he is unable to speak and spends his time resting and drinking an herb drink he concocted to reduce the swelling in his throat (Hunter wasn’t able to make it to the game)

Nill has been living in Anvar for the past several years surviving by hiding and stealing food and supplies when he can. He tells them the basics of what he knows about present day Anvar.

Anvar is completely different now. The monsters won the war and took over the country. They are led by someone who calls himself “The Emperor”. Nil doesn’t know much about him except that he is the supposed master mind behind the monsters successful invasion and that he runs the country. Some say he is backed by a powerful ancient dragon. Some say he made a deal with demons, others say that the emperor is actually a group of several people, Nil is not sure what is true.

Anvar is run like a military dictatorship.

The Emperor enforces his rule with a large standing army.

The Emperor is set up at Castle Catalast.
The area around the castle is a lot more regimented and fortified than the rest of Anvar.

Other areas in Anvar are less controlled and are split up in a more tribal way. For example orcs in one area, gnolls in another drow in another.

The emperor still exports the iron ore that was Anvar’s largest export. Most of the humans, who are not used as food, are used as slaves to work the mines.

Most non monstrous humanoids, (humans, dwarves, elves) would either have markings: tatoos, brands etc, that identify them as either slaves, or as hunters. Hunters are humanoids that the emperor employs as bounty hunters to track down escaped slaves.

There is a resistance movement, but Nil is not on good terms with them and has not had contact with them for some time now.

The elven forest is now controlled by the drow.

The dwarves fought something that attacked them from their mines. Whatever it was wiped out all the dwarves. And now no one goes to the former dwarven kingdom. Something terrible is rumored to live there.

The great forest is run by a bunch of very powerful druids. They are evil but they want nothing to do with the emperor and pretty much just want to create there own evil wilderness paradise. Most people (including the emperor and his forces) give the great forest and the druids a

wide berth. Recently the emperor has sent scouting parties into the great forest, he would like to use it as a source of food and resources. He also wants to forge an alliacne with the druids. These scouting expeditions have not proved successful so far.

The party leaves the druid’s territory and Nill is able to track the person who betrayed him a goblin scout named Riker. The party track’s Riker to a river boat. The riverboat is a small cajun style restaurant and bar that serves home made alcohol and gumbo. The bar is run by a lizard folk man and his family. Riker is drinking in the bar with three orc companions. The party enters the riverboat and kills Riker and his companions. Nil kills Riker by stabbing his hands to the floor board with two daggers and then pressing the flat end of his kukri down on his neck slowly choking him to death. Nil then recovers his belongings. Nil wants to burn down the riverboat with the Lizardfolk cook and his family inside so there will be no one to report them to the authorities, Bolas is in favor of this plan, but Lorella tells them that she will not allow this. Nil tells the cook not to say what happened here or he will kill him. The party then leaves.

Nil leads the party to a drow cache only to find that it has been uncovered and ransacked by some orcs. The party salvages what they can from the cache and then track the orcs to the farm Lorella is from. It seems like this group of orcs has been living on Lorella’s farm for some time now. They don’t seem to do much except drink and capture Kuato, which they use for food and sport. In the back of the farm the party finds a cooking pot with Kuota remains and in the front of the farm house they find the orc’s drinking and throwing daggers at a Kuato tied up to a pole. The party kills the orcs, and Lorella is able to reclaim her farm but it is in terrible condition.



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