Land of our Fathers

Fight at White Bridge

Session 3

After graduating from nature school, the party gets into a fight with two random fuckers and an ooze, then goes diving for treasure.

Suresh: Gets dropped by the ooze, gets healed, then proceeds to pummel said ooze to death. He also has some bad luck when picking out treasure.
Vellen: Knocks it out of the park as far as being the party cleric is concerned.

Bolas: Unleashes his very powerful breath weapon, and goes to great lengths to steal kill.

Rael: Gets in touch with his owl side, performs ooze disposal duty, and acquires a new magical item, that may or may not want him to murder all his friends.

Lorella: Wrestles a twelve foot long fish dragon ball style. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.

After spending ten years growing up and training in The Preserve (The Forbidding), the party decides to leave the The Preserve forever and return to Anvar. The party crosses the magical barrier into Anvar and enters the Great Forest. They then travel to White Bridge where they get into a fight with a hobgoblin, an orc and a gray ooze. After winning the battle, the party discovers some buried treasure and camps for the night.

Battle at White Bridge

The children are taken into The Forbidding by Rhuidan, who is the leader of all those who live there. There they learn the history of The Forbidding called The Preserve by its inhabitants. They spend the next ten years of their lives in the Preserve living among it’s people.

Each of the children receives different training, and different responsibilities.

After the ten years have passed the children are considered adults, and attend a graduation ceremony. At the ceremony Rhuidan asks the party if they would like to stay and live with them in The Preserve or if they would like to return to their homeland. The choice would be permanent, if they stay they would be forbidden to leave, and if they leave then they can never return. The party decides to return to Avnar. The next morning they cross over the barrier into Anvar, entering The Great Forest and leaving The Preserve forever.

They find out that Great Forest has changed since they were last here. It is more jungle like, and full of poisonous plants, large insects, sink holes, and many hazards. Rael gets a lay of the land by seeing through the eyes of his owl familiar. After Rael scouts out the way with his owl, the party travels to White Bridge. They find that White Bridge has been transformed into some kind of fort, but it looks like it has been abandoned for some time.

After carefull inspection the party decides to enter the old ruin with Suresh leading the way. Soon after entering the bridge they find themselves in combat with an orc soldier, who came onto the bridge from the opposite side of the players, an ooze who had been living in the bridge, and a hobgoblin, who snuck up behind the players. After a close battle, in which Suresh got taken down by the ooze but was immediately revived by Vellen, the party defeats their enemies. They find a map that points to a treasure buried in the water underneath the bridge. After much planning to find the exact spot where the treasure would be, Lorella dives into the water and is attacked by a giant twelve foot long fish. She literally wrestles the fish to shore, then dives back into the river and with the help of the party recovers the treasure chest. The party cooks the giant fish for dinner and then examines the contents of the chest.

Inside the chest the party finds a dagger of elven bane that glows blue when elves are near, a short sword of human bane that glows blue when humans are near, a magical lute that is missing some strings, and a magical wand. They also find several gold coins and jewels. Rael determines that the wand is sentient, evil, and very dangerous it requires the blood of a sentient creature to be activated. After identifying and dividing up the treasure, the party makes camp in top of one of White Bridge’s towers.



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