Hey everyone welcome to the game!

In this campaign you will be playing heroes from The Kingdom of Anvar

This will be a two character campaign. You will each run one eighth level character and one first level character. The eighth level character will be a parent or guardian of the first level character and the first level character will be a dependent of the eighth level character. This could mean a lot of different things, the most obvious being that your playing a parent and a child, but it could also mean your playing an uncle and a nephew it could mean your playing a teacher and a apprentice, or any number of things. You will play both characters in the game but the first level character will be your main character. Both of your characters belong to a group of people known as Hunters.

To the north of Anvar lies the Shadeswood, a bleak dark land where monsters live. Fairly regularly a monster will wander out of the Shadeswood intent on causing mischief in Anvar, but this monster will be quickly cut down by the King’s Rangers who patrol the border of Anvar and the Shadeswood. But every five to ten years the monsters will gather up for a real attack on Anvar. They will form up an army and charge into Anvar destroying everything in their way. In response the King will summon his army and call on his allies the Dwarves and the Elves to bring their own armies, and together they will crush the invading force of monsters. Facing a force that is better equipped, better trained and vastly out numbers them, the monsters army all ways ends up being completely destroyed. Each time the monsters have tried to attack Anvar, the armies of Anvar have beaten them again and again.

And so once again denizens of the Shadeswood have gathered together into an army and prepared to wage war on Anvar, the same as they have done time and time before.
Some people are saying this attack is different than most, they say that this is the largest army of monsters that has been seen in fifty years. The monster’s army has destroyed all of the Ranger’s posts and razed every village between the Shadeswood and Castle Catalast. Also there has been no word from the Dwarves. The King petitioned them for aid, but they have not sent back a message or any troops. The Elves have responded and are sending archers to aid the King, but it is not clear when they will arrive.

Even so many scoff at the notion that the battle between the King’s army and the monsters forces could be anything but a route of the monsters as it has all ways been. They say, “every time the monsters form an army people say its the biggest army that’s been seen in fifty years, and people get scared when they tear down the rangers posts or burn down the villages of those stupid enough to live so close to the Shadeswood, but you know what, we beat them every time, this year will be no different.”

The monsters army marches on towards Castle Catalast where the King’s army waits for them. Castle Catalast (and the kings army) stand’s between the monsters and the rest of Anvar. You have been recruited to help the King’s army in this fight. The King’s forces guard the main entrance into Anvar, but if some of the monsters were able to cross the Anduras river they would be able to attack the villages and towns that lie beyond the river. Since the King does not want a random pack of orcs to be able to wander into a village and murder its inhabitants, he has recruited you and about a hundred other ‘Adventurers’ to form up along the banks of the Anduras, and pick off any monsters that try to cross the river. You will be the safety net making sure that no undesirables are able to slink their way into the Kingdom. This is where our story starts.