The Kingdom of Anvar

Anvar is a small kingdom in a valley between two great mountain ranges.
This is the land that your characters live in and are originally from. Your characters could have spent their whole lives here, or they could have grown up here and then gone of to adventure and do other things but now have come back home to settle down. Its really up to you. So some things about the place you call home

A thousand years ago, Anvar was an untamed savage wilderness, occupied by monsters and tribes of monstrous humanoids. The original founders of Anvar, were a group of nomadic warriors who were looking for a place to settle down. They came and found the lush valley that is now Anvar, and decided to make it their homeland. They fought the monsters and drove them out of the valley. They were not able to wipe out the monsters completely, instead they drove them into the barren inhabitable land to the north that is now known as the Shadeswood.

The nomads then settled down and began building what eventually became the modern kingdom of Anvar. All though the monsters were driven out of the valley they are still a problem to this day, albeit a small one. There is the occasional gnoll, or pair of orcs, or small pack of goblins that will wonder out of the Shadeswood but these are easily dispatched by the King’s Rangers, and are not much of a threat. But every 5-10 years, the monsters will band together by forming a small army and attack Anvar. These ‘Revolts’ are not very successful however. The King will simply summon his army, and his better equipped, better trained, and larger force will wipe out the smaller army. This has been the outcome every single time the monsters have attempted to invade Anvar.

The Land: Anvar is a classic fantasy land. Its got big open meadows and fields, rolling hills, and several forests. Imagine Narnia, or Camelot or Medieval England that’s what Anvar looks like. Its got big open fields, perfect for hosting a jousting tournament or a battle. Its got big forests. You know those scenes in a book or movie or show where the king and his buddies go hunting a stag, these forests are perfect for that. It also has pretty rolling hills, think Lord of The Rings brought to you via beautiful New Zealand hills. It also has a nice assortment of lakes and a big river that flows through it.

One note, this isn’t a virgin wilderness untouched by the buildings of man. Anvar has a big castle, markets, an industrial city, plenty of farmland and a couple of villages. But there’s still plenty of untouched nature, and it still looks pretty. Imagine a perfect idyllic looking medieval kingdom and that’s Anvar.

Land Marks:
Anvar has a big castle, with its own mini city inside its walls, called Castle Catalast. This is where the King and the royal family live. It is where Anvar’s political and military power are located. It is located in northern Anvar.

The City of Baelon is an industrial city in central Anvar, south of Catalast Castle. It has stone walls, and a large ironworks factory that takes up a quarter of the city. Baelon has crowded housing tenements, bars, restaurants, blacksmiths, cobblers and other professionals. It is a crowed and fairly rowdy city, full of the dwarves and humans who work in the forge, and the mine, and the people who provide services and goods for the factory workers and miners.

North of Baelon is the Matross Iron Mine, that supplies the iron used in the citie’s iron works.

West of Baelon is Fellistera Forest. Fellistera is the home of the Elves. In the northern part of the Fellistera Forest is Fellstar the capitol city of the Elves. There are also a few elven villages in the forest. Fellistera is more mystical than the other forests of Anvar. It is more beautiful than the other forests but at the same it is more eerie and strange as well. Remember the times in the Lord of the Rings movies when elves were moving in slow motion, and ethereal music was playing? That’s what this forest looks like.

Just south of Baelon is the Ryolight Stone Quarry. Anvar stone has a reputation as being harder and more durable than the stone mined in other countries. Thus when building things where it is very important that they do not break, i.e. Castles, City Walls, and other fortifications, they prefer to use Anvar Stone. The stone mined in the Ryolight Quarry is Anvar’s biggest export.

In southern Anvar is the Great Forest. This forest lives up to its name everything in it is just bigger. Bigger tree’s, bigger plants, bigger animals. It is also just bigger than the other forests. Several hermits, and woodsman who don’t want to get to close to civilization make their home in the Great Forest. Many of the people of Anvar don’t like going too deep in the Great Forest, they feel that it is strange and dangerous to live there. So inhabitants of the Great Forest have a somewhat strange reputation among the peoples of Anvar. To the south of the Great Forest is the Forbidding.

Crosshaven is the village a lot of you are from, or at least live in. It is at the northern mouth of the great forest. Crosshaven bridges the gap between the uncivilized world of the Great Forest and the rest of Anvar. Most of the hunters and trappers who live in the Great Forest sell their furs and meat in Crosshaven, they also come there to get supplies and to learn of news of the outside world. Crosshaven is a trading town and a sort of cross roads, where people travelling through the great forest can stop, rest and resupply.
There are two fishing villages to the north east of Cross haven.

The Andura is a river that flows through the middle of Anvar. It separates Catalast from the rest of the Anvar, a few fishing villages are built on its banks.

To the far west is the home of the Dwarves who live in the Daltaran Mountains. They live in a system of caves in the mountains that they have built into a city called Altara. The Dwarves mine gold and other precious metals in the mountains.

To the south of the Great Forest, is a strange magical forest called The Forbidding Not much is known about the Forbidding except that it is magical, very strange and that under no circumstances should you go anywhere near it.

To the very north of Anvar, north of Castle Catalast lies the Shadeswood The Shadeswood is a bleak inhabitable land. Filled with swamps, barren fields, black crooked trees, withered plants and other unpleasant things. Think Mordor but more pathetic looking, and with more dark forests. Shadeswood is the home to several monsters and monstrous humanoids. Gnolls, Bugbears, Goblins, Orcs, Minotaurs, Giant and Lizard men, they and many more monsters call Shadeswood home.

Anvar is boarded on the west by the great Daltaran Mountain Range where the Dwarves live.
On the east by the Tear Mountain Range.
To the north by the Shadeswood
To the south by the Forbidding which lays beyond the Great Forest.

Anvar is an isolated country the only way to enter it short of scaling massive mountains is through a small pass located in the Tear mountains. There is a fort at the Tear pass and a small garrison of troops that guard it year round. This makes invading Anvar a very daunting and almost impossible task.

People of Anvar

Anvar is a mosty peaceful happy kingdom filled with mostly peaceful happy subjects.

Most of the population is human but there is a large population of elves who live in the Fellisterra woods and Dwarves who live in the Daltaran mountains.
You also have Dwarves and Elves living and working with the humans. This is especially the case in Baelon where 40% of the workers who work in the ironworks factory are Dwarves.

There is also a small hafling population, some of the halflngs live along side the elves, dwarves and humans, in the villages and towns of Anvar, but most live in traveling caravans.

Avnar is a large kindom with two smaller kingdoms inside of it. The Fellistara Elves and the Daltaran Dwarves are both independent nations, that are located within Anvar. They are independent and govern themselves but they are still technically under the rule of Anvar. In practice this works out more as a coalition of three nations working together rather than as one large nation with two smaller provinces that it rules over. The three nations trade with each other, share information and all three have standing armies that they can muster to come to the others aid. The Dwarves and Elves each have a representative (sort of like a senator/ambassador) in Anvar’s government.

Queen Ashaya Sisnera leads the Elves, King Jerren Davenheart leads the Dwarves, and King Mattin Andross is the ruler of all of Anvar.

The Kingdom of Anvar

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