The Forbidding

What was originally known about the forbidding
The Forbidding is a strange magical forest that lies south of the Great Forest, forming the southern border of Anvar. Hardly anything is really known about the Forbidding but much is speculated. It is rumored to be a strange place ruled by dark and wild fey spirits. Some say that it is instead a portal to another distant world filled with alien creatures, some say that it is another reality all together where the even the rules of physics do not apply, some even say that is the realm of the dead, and that you go there when you die.

No stories exist of those who have entered and come back out again, in fact many think the name the Forbidding comes from the fact that you are ‘Forbidden’ to go there. Mothers scare children into obedience with tales of the Forbidding, saying that is where bad little children go. People think anyone associated with the Forbidding is strange, they think it is odd that people would live in the Great Forest because it is so close to the Forbidding. They think it is dangerous and bad luck to go anywhere near it.

While tales about the Forbidding may vary, they all agree on one thing. No one enters it and comes back out again.

What the party has discovered about the forbidding since entering it

The forbidding is actually an isolated land, where an off shoot of the ancestors of Anvar lived. The people who live there call it ‘The Preserve’.

The original founders of Anvar were, a war like tribal people. After clearing out the monsters that lived in the valley (that is now known as Anvar). These tribal people settled down in the valley. As time went on there became a rift between the founders of Anvar. One group wanted to be similar to the other kingdoms or peoples that were near Anvar. They wanted to build up houses and roads, and possibly a large fortress. They wanted to become civilized. They wanted to connect with the other peoples nearby, and trade with the other kingdoms near Anvar.

The other group of Anvar founders wanted no such thing. They despised civilization, and modernization. They wanted to stay connected with nature, and their tribal roots and customs. They especially wanted nothing to do with any outsiders. They felt that contact with outsiders was dangerous and could leave them open for eventual attack. They felt that being completely isolated from all outsiders was the only way they could protect themselves.

The disagreement between the two groups grew stronger and more fierce. Eventually the disagreement led to violence small skirmishes broke out between the two groups. As a result of this fighting people on both sides of the argument were killed.

After the fighting the two sides met (at what was later to be called the council of anson, named after the clearing they met in) to try and decide what to do. Not wanting there to be any more violence and deaths, and since they could not come to an agreement, the two sides decided to split in two. The side that wanted to embrace civilization moved to the northern half of the valley (modern Anvar) the side that wanted to remain strongly connected to nature moved to the southern half of the valley (what is now known as the forbidding) They built up a magical barrier between them. So that one group could build up a modern kingdom like of those around them and the other group could continue living as they had in the past, following the old ways and completely separate from the outside world. They created and signed the Decree of Anson, which declared that no one who lived in the valley would cross the barrier once it had been built. The penalty for breaking the decree would be death.

The decision to separate into two different groups and to build up a magical barrier between them happened very quickly. After the fights broke out between the two groups and people had died. Tempers were very high and the leaders of both groups were afraid that open war would break out, they felt that something needed to happen immediately. So they decided to separate into two separate groups and build a magical barrier. In a little over a month both sides had gone there separate ways and the magical barrier was built.

The two groups being separated so quickly created problems of its own. People did not have time to grab all of their belongings. Families were separated, some members who wanted to cross over didn’t get to. Some were not in the valley at the time and did not realize what had happened till they had returned. Children were the big concern in all of this. Some children might have been staying with another relative and got dragged across the barrier separated from the parents. Others might have been visiting a family friend outside of the valley and returned to find their parents on the other side of the barrier. Realizing this problem the two groups decided to do something. Meeting on their respective sides of the barrier, the two groups hashed out a plan to make an amendment to the Decree of Anson, that would allow for people’s belongings to be returned to them and allow people, especially children, to be reunited with their families.

There amendment was this: they would higher a group of outsiders. These outsiders would transport people and belongings across the border. The people they led across would be blindfolded. Since the Decree of Anson specifically states that only those who live in the valley, can not cross the barrier. The outsiders would not be breaking that rule by crossing, and since the people they were escorting across were blindfolded and not actually crossing of their own free will (the outsiders would have to lead them), then they were not breaking that rule either. Under these two technicalities they were able to circumvent the problems created by separating so quickly.

The people they hired to do this job were called Wayfinders. These were simply people who served as guides through the wilderness, and escorted people from village to village. In exchange for performing this service the people who stayed in the southern half of the valley (the forbidding), using their strong nature powers, blessed the Wayfinders with magical powers. They also gave them the promise that if their children were ever in trouble, that they could find refuge inside the barrier (in the forbidding). The people who were living in the northern part of the valley (modern Anvar) showed their thanks to the Wayfinders by allowing them to live with them in their half of the valley if they so desired.
In addition to transporting people and goods across the barrier, the Wayfinders were charged with a few more responsibilities. First they would guard the perimeter of the barrier and make sure no one (either intentionally or accidentally) crossed it. Second because some of those in the two groups actually still wanted to remain in contact with each other and because some behind the barrier wanted to know what was happening in the outside world, they would deliver messages between the two groups and give reports of what was happening in the outside world to those behind the barrier. As time passed the two groups had less and less interest in each other and the Wayfinders stopped delivering messages. Instead once a year they gave reports of the outside world to those behind the barrier (in the forbidding). As the years went on, this changed to giving a report every five years, to what it is today giving a report every ten years.

The Forbidding

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