Hunters is the name commonly given to a group of people who have distinctive markings and are thought to be in some way associated with the The Forbidding.

People don’t know much about the Hunters. Some say that they belong to a special order, others say that they work for the creatures that live in the Forbidding, and still others say they have made pacts with evil spirits in return for special powers.

At best people think they are a special order that guard the great forest and keep people from entering into the Forbidding. At worst people think they are evil cultists, that will steal your young and curse your crops.

Hunters are also known as Wayfarer’s, this is the official or polite term for a hunter. Hunter is just a general name for the hermits who live in the Great Forest since most of them hunt for a living. The name has been lumped in to refer to Wayfarer’s as well since they are associated with the Great Forest and The Forbidding. Someone calling them this would not mean disrespect, it is simply an informal way to refer to someone from the Great Forest. Hunters are also referred to in derogatory terms as just ‘Farers’ or as ‘Waylayers’.

A Hunter can be identified by a small tattoo, normally associated with something in nature, that is done in a very distinctive and recognizable style.


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