Vellen and Kalos

Short backstory and description for Vellen and Kalos


Kalos is slender and slightly muscular has red eyes, long black hair with a blue tint, skin with gray skin is about 6’0 and weighs 145lbs Weapons are sickles: IMG_0787.JPG

Vellen isn’t really muscular at all and is also really thin, has green eyes, brown hair and copper skin is about 5’9 and weighs 115lbs

Vellen’ tattoo is an eye with a leaf in the pupil representing Selûne, insight and life.

Kalos’ tattoo is a skull with black fog behind it representing lost faith. The only thing you can believe in is death.


(GM note Kalos is Vellen’s adopted father, Vellen is the childhood friend of, Lorella, Rael, Suresh and Bolas, he grew up with them in the town off Cross Haven and then trained with them for ten years in the preserve. He is now fighting with the rest of the party to reclaim their lands.)

Vellen’s parents died in war against the hordes of the north.

A bloodied and bruised Vellen (Equivalent of 10 years old) crawled away from the fight and found his way to the church. They took him in immediately and healed him with their magics. Asking the elder what to do with the boy, she insisted on raising him in the ways of the holy Moonmaiden.

Vellen decided to devote his life to Selûne; deeming his being saved an act of the goddess. To avoid the pains of the past he refuses to take anything seriously.

Vellen was sent on a pilgrimage to recruit new acolytes for Selûne. They’d been attacked by Lycanthropes and lost many people. On his way he passed through a village which worships the old gods outside of Anvar where he was attacked by citizens there being stoned and being jeered at asking where his Goddess was now. A hooded Kalos happened by having been forced to leave the previous city. It twinged at his heart and he felt for the boy. He ran by the boy and surrounded them with faerie fire frightening the villagers off.

Kalos tried to get him to abandon his quest because this world isn’t worth it. Vellen refuses and so relating to the boy’s struggle (outcast) he decides to protect him from the torment Kalos himself had to go through.

Kalos led a hard life. When he decided to turn has back on the evil of his family; freeing all their slaves he’d had no choice but to leave his home. Hated by Drowkind and feared by surface dwellers he often went from village to village just wanting to be accepted. He ultimately decided people weren’t worth the trouble; he’d freed the slaves and what did he get? His family hated him and the slaves did too. As a result he became slightly bitter with little to no regard for anyone but himself. He’d had a friend growing up, whom he’d fallen in love with. Arylia. She was a Drow but not like the others. She had showed him what they were doing was wrong and convinced him everyone was equal. Promising to flee to the surface together. However, as they attempted an escape they were caught and she made him go on without her so she could distract the guards. A reluctant Kalos ran off onto the surface.
As he made it to the surface he saw runes inscribed in clouds in the sky. They were nothing like he’d ever seen and yet somehow, he could read it. The Old One. He spoke the name but it was in a tongue foreign to him. The being appeared in the form of light. Mortal eyes unable to see him for what he was. The being told Kalos that if he were to devote himself to him he’d give him unimaginable power and if he was fervent grant him what his heart desired. With no regard for how despised he’d become he’d made the pact. What happens when you trust someone? She trusted him and what had happened? He’d gotten her killed or worse. Still, if he did what this entity said, they would one day be reunited.
His only hope, the only thing keeping him going was the thought of seeing her again.

Kalos in a quote “Someone put their faith in me once…Never trust the living.”

Vellen in a quote “If you take things too seriously you miss out on life.”

Vellen and Kalos

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