Drow Commando (Former PC, the player left the group, played by Taylor)


Nildayre stands at 5’5" and weighs around 135 lbs. He has midnight blue eyes and ashen colored skin. His hair is sheet-white, with several small shocks of black. His build is thick for a Drow. He wears robe-like garb under and around his studded leather plates. Concealed about his person are a variety of knives and pouches, in addition to a bandolier for poisons, potions and alchemic solutions.

He is more than a century old, and an experienced fighter, though he has problems recalling his memory due to enslavement by Illithids. His body is covered with vine-like scars from his imprisonment in a brain-vat, and his back has the scars of whip-lashings from his Drow matrons.


(GM note: After Rael leaves the party they meet up with Nildayre or Nill, who meets the party after having an unfortunate encounter with some druids, and then Nil and the party decide to join forces)

It is a peculiar phenomenon among the Drow, that when conceived as twins they are prone to commit murder in the womb. Such were the conditions of Nildayre and his understandably unnamed brother. The two fought for days and in the end Nildayre won, he having inherited the lion’s share of physical prowess, while his brother had been blessed with shadow magic though it did him little good.

And as was common for such twisted fates, Nildayre then consumed his twin adding its power to his own. Here though, is the point at which Ellistrae chose to intervene.

Now, you must know of Ellistrae, the goddess of those few good drow and a shadow operative within the Dark Elf pantheon. She must remain hidden in order to keep herself and her followers safe. As such when she wishes to intervene in the Spider Queen’s affairs, she must do so by only plucking at the webs of fate. These vibrations have effects, long in the future, like the flapping wings of a butterfly causing a tornado.

Thus, Ellistrae had plucked the web when Nildayre consumed his twin. For within his brother was not only the seed of Ellistrae’s shadow magic but also a propensity of goodness. It was in this way that the moonlight goddess could inspire Nildayre, but delay his rise to good until he was able to survive the Underdark.

So Nildayre was born, and his mother being acutely aware of the struggle that took place within her immediately set to turn the infant Drow into a weapon of death. His every instruction was in the act of killing, from anatomy to the trade of infiltration, subtlety and deceit. He was well-trained, and unlike many Drow males survived into adolescence where more specialized training could begin.

As his basic education came to a close he was recruited to a caste of reconnaissance fighters, a group which he took readily to. Where his fundamentals taught him to remain hidden, the recon group taught him to disappear. Nildayre learned how to slip into and out of nearly any compound, fortress or lair with this group, and as he excelled within its ranks he was selected to join an even more prestigious group: the Commnados.

Here he learned to fight, hunt and kill, not only other Drow but all manner of species of the Underdark. His body, mind and environment were all just weapons to use against his foes. Yet, it was working with the commandos that he first learned trust and safety. Unlike all other aspects of Drow society, the nature of the missions the commandoes took required absolute trust and loyalty within the ranks. They lived in a small and hidden compound, performing missions on behalf of the Matrons’ Council, unbound by house loyalty and empowered to reject politically biased tasks.

One thing that is important to know about Drow society is the paradox of their legal system and internecine warfare. Civility in the court hides savage behavior in the shadows. All Drow are inherently self-serving, yet their matrons establish strict laws with harsh punishments. All of this is to preserve a semblance of social order, as cooperation is necessary to survive against the greater horrors of the Underdark. Thus, in the event of any one house choosing to attack another, great care must be taken to eliminate every single witness, as an accusation with weight of the genocide on one house by another means the doom of the offender.

Here is the cause for most of the commandos service. Most houses are lead by ancient and powerful matrons, defended by wizards, bodyguards, strange beasts, summoned demons and small armies. The Commandos are responsible for attacking the house ahead of the vanguard, eliminating the most powerful threats before the main force arrives and cutting the head off the beast.

As he left the cave, he noticed a strange marking on a cluster of rocks, written in an ink visible only to dark vision. Nildayre investigated tyne spot and found a cache of dark garb, some weapons, food and most importantly a mask that protected his eyes from the sunlight. Nildayre struggled for some time on the surface. He had lost many of his skills in captivity to the Illithids, and his body was weakened.

For a short time he actually worked with the resistance, though when one of their members attempted to sell him off to the hunters, and Nildayre struck back to save himself, the resistance believed the traitor’s account, not the Drow’s and he was banished. Ever since, Nildayre has wandered the orclands, hoping to find some sign of his mysterious benefactor in the Illithid Lair.

It was while working with the Commandos that Nildayre met Phaeresse. She was younger than him, but an adept in shadow magic. The two met while on scouting missions together. What they initially shared could be called little more than lust, though that changed when Nildayre lost her.

On house, the house of Nildayre’s origin had allowed itself to be seen while attacking a lower house. When the surrounding community went to attack them on orders of the council, they sprung their trap. The entire compound had been turned into a gateway to the abyssal realms. The commandos had all fallen into a trap, and were rapidly picked off by powerful demons. Unable to warn the main force, the entire community sunk their best fighters into a deep trap. In the subsequent weeks, Nildayre’s house eliminated all the other matrons and set itself as the sole power in the region.

Yet, Nildayre, having seen his lover killed by demons was inspired to great revenge, and began to plot. He was the last commando, and took advantage of his house’s weakness, as their forces were spread thin maintaining control over the region. He began killing his own mother, the other matrons and all their daughters until there was no longer a bloodline to pass on. After he had killed any other major powers in the region, and released many of the slaves, he left the area to fall in chaos.

Nildayre was compelled at this point to travel upwards and out of the Underdark. Word had spread of the destruction of his community, and other, nearby communities wanted to make an example of him. The bounty on his head was high enough that no one would give him shelter. After several years of fleeing, it was the Illithid that finally caught him, though they had no interest in the bounty. He was tortured, and his brain read for training the Illithids slaves. Suspended in a brain vat for a decade, Nildayre had all but given up hope when an attack was mounted on the Mind Flayer’s lair. During the attack, he was was secreted away through a Shadow Walk spell, though he never found out it’s point of origin. At the end of the shadow tunnel, he found himself in a cave, near the surface world.


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