Land of our Fathers

Session 21

The resistance moves in with a hermit.

Gayle – Doesn’t get eaten by a dragon.

Suresh – Kills a giant worm, also finds an abandoned temple.

Lorella – Teaches the troops how to fight WWE style.

The resistance relocates to an abandoned elven village, where an old druid has made his home. The druid agrees to house the resistance for the time being.
Lorella trains the troops while Gayle and Suresh scout the area. Gayle finds food and habitable caves. Suresh finds an ancient temple and kills a Remorhaz.

After meeting with the resistance council, Suresh, Lorella, and Gayle set out to find a possible temporary base for the resistance. An abandoned elven village lies deeper in the preserve, and the party is sent to find if it will be a suitable temporary residence or not. They scout out the village and find it belongs to an old half orc druid named Zag. After a little convincing from the players, Zag agrees to let the resistance use his home (the abandoned village) as a temporary base The resistance moves in to the village and sets up camp there. The party then splits up to explore the area and train the troops.

Lorella teaches the raw recruits combat techniques, mostly wrestling. She also uses the training time to spot potential future officers.

Gayle scouts out the caves at the base of the mountains to the east. She and her group find some food stuffs, a large cave complex that could serve as a food source (bats and fish) and could shelter up to 100 people comfortably. She also finds a cave, that might possibly house a dragon.

Suresh takes four scouts and the quiet fighter Timothy (Jerry the fighter was way too loud) to scout out the mountains. At the mountains suresh and his men fight quill beasts and find some stone steps that led to a sealed off hidden dwarven temple of Heironeous. Before suresh and company can investigate the temple, they are attacked by a Remorhaz (a giant centipede like monster that does fire damage). Aided by his resistance to fire and with the help of his team, Suresh kills the monster without losing a single man.

After defeating the Remorhaz Suresh decides that it would be better to explore this tomb with the help of his fellow party members, so he travels back to camp to tell the others what has happened. Back at camp the party exchanges stories from their scouting forrays and training missions and plans what to do next.

The Midnight Rescue of Mariah
Session 20

The party rescues Mariah and then finally makes it back to the resistance.

Gayle – Finds Bat’s very disturbing

Suresh – Makes use of his criminal background to lockpick a bitch outta some chains

Lorella – Murders a fence (and not a criminal who buys stolen goods, an actual physical fence made of wood)

The party rescues Mariah and her friend a goblin, along with seven other humans from Grugo’s camp. They then travel back to the resistance. Their bats get killed on the way back but they are still able to get all the POWS back to base. They then tell the resistance that an army is coming and that they need to evacuate ASAP. They decide to have the resistance move on deeper into the preserve to a potential temporary base (an old elf village that might be uninhabited). While the party will go investigate the mountains and see if they can find a good new home for the resistance there.

The Midnight Rescue of Mariah
The party travels by giant bat to just outside of Grugo’s camp, there they are able to finally rest and get healed up. The next day Gayle scouts out Grugo’s camp as a small bird and finds out where they are holding Mariah. The party sends Mariah a message telling her that they are going to break her out. Mariah asks them if they can break out her friend a goblin woman who Grugo was also using as a slave, and seven other humans who are down in the slaughter pits (where the orcs keep prisoners that they are going to use for food). The party tells her that they will do their best.

Gayle speaks to the bats and convinces them to help the party. She also learns that the bats are sadistic creatures who enjoy hunting live prey and get enjoyment hearing the screams of their victims.

Gayle turns into a giant eagle and Suresh gets on one of the bats. Bolas casts invisibility on Gayle, Suresh and the bat. Suresh and Gayle fly to Grugo’s where after only a little bit of trouble they manage to free Mariah and her friend the goblin Jareez Fargob.

After getting Mariah and Jareez safely back in camp. They travel back to rescue the seven humans. WIth some good planning and some clever spell use they are able to rescue the seven humans with little trouble. They then using eagle and bat they transport the POWs back to the resistance. There is a hickup when some of the empires bat riders see them, the bats end up getting killed but everyone makes it back to the resistance camp safely.

Once back at the resistance strong hold. The party tells Belonz and the rest of the resistance leadership that an army is coming and that they have to relocate. They decide to have the resistance move on deeper into the preserve to a potential temporary base (an old elf village that might be uninhabited). While the party will go investigate the mountains and see if they can find a good new home for the resistance there.

Final Confrontation with the Nose
Session 19

The good guys murder their evil selves.

Lorella- Slits the throats of two helpless (albeit evil) women

Gayle- Finds a new favorite spell and uses it to great effect.

Suresh- Kicks a guy so hard in the balls, he dies.

The party meets up again and heads towards Grugo’s. On the way there they are spotted by enemy batriders. The nose soon discovers the party’s loacation and gets in a fight with them. The party defeats and kills the Nose and then takes their Giant Bat’s and flies them to Grugo’s.

Chase through the forest!
Session 18

The Nose and 300 enemy soldiers spots the party and tries to chase them down. The Party runs for their lives!

Lorella – Jumps off a fucking mountain

Suresh – Uses his exceptional speed to get away without a scratch

Gayle – Turns into a wolf and then high tails it outta of there, then comes back to give Vellen a ride, eagle style.

Bolas – Almost dies and then remembers he can fly, and super mans the fuck outta of there.

Vellen – With the help of a sanctuary spell and a ride outta of there on a party member turned giant eagle, makes it out alive, just barely.

The party is chased down by the nose and 300 orcs. The party manages to get away by the skin of their teeth. Lorella kills the Nose’s Cleric (Kee’s evil character) in the process.

The party is hiding ontop of the cave entrance where 100 of Grugo’s orc’s wait unaware of the fate that is about to befall them. Outside of the cave are 300 orc troops and the nose. The nose starts to position troops around the cave, they send scouts back to catch any stragglers. They place cavalry around the edges of the cave and put archers on top of the cave entrance (right where the party is!) Once of the archers spots the party and the fight is on. Gayle transforms into a wolf and high tails it out of there. Suresh uses his super speed to run away and disappears over a mountain. Lorella grabs the evil cleric runs and jumps off the side of the mountain she then face rides the cleric down the mountain with all of the nose except their ranger chasing her.

Meanwhile Bolas and Vellen are getting attacked by the orc scouts and archers. Bolas casts a fly spell and gets out of there. Gayle comes back to help Vellen, after some tricky spell work including a sanctuary spell by Vellen, Gayle turns into an eagle and carries Vellen out of there. The evil ranger shoots at Vellen and Gayle and almost brings them down but they and Bolas manage to make it out alive.

Lorella continues to fall down the mountain, kills the cleric and eventually reaches the bottom of the mountain where she is temporarily trapped by the evil wizard’s magic and then is able to get away simply by outrunning the Nose. She then continues to run exhausted and barely alive.

Investigation of The Baelon City Prison Break Out (The evil party)
Session 17

A new badguy joins the team, Zac meets with the emperor, and more investigating happens!

Taylor’s character leaves the Nose having been promoted to work in the government. (as mentioned before Taylor left the group) Taylor is replaced by Savvy’s evil character an elven wizard who is possessed by a snake demon. The nose travels to Baelon to investigate the breakout that happened there. While there Zac’s character is summoned to meet with the emperor who tells Zac how important his current mission is. In Baelon the nose investigates the break out and gets more info on the party. They then travel to the southlands to meet up with General Onin who is leading a campaign to civilize the territories not completely under the emperor’s control. While there they learn that an orc scout has spotted the female human warrior. The nose then follows the rest of the generals army to a cave where the human warrior is supposedly at.

Skirmish in Demogears Forest
Session 16

The party tells a bunch of orcs that they are their friends, and then leaves them in a cave to

Lorella – Finds out she’s famous
Gayle – Gets offered sacrifices
Suresh – Gets his stealth on

*Summary *
The party travels to Demogear’s territory. They leave the 100 orcs in a cave, with orders to await until they return. They head on to Demogear’s camp with the intention of betraying Grugo and telling Demogear that Grugo plan’s to attack him and has 100 men in a cave nearby. Lorella trys to gain an audience with Demogear but suspecting a trap she and the party instead flee to a hiding place near the cave with the orcs. 300 orcs follow them and begin to gather in front of the cave.

Skirmish at Demogears
The party travels with their 100 orcs to the edge of Demogear’s territory. Bolas and Vellen do not join them. Instead they follow behind stealthily to make sure that the party is not ambushed (Hunter and Zac were not there).

The party and the orcs spend the night in the cave. Suresh tricks some of the orcs into jumping to their deaths by daring them to perform death defying stunts.
Lorella is propositioned by several orcs. The orcs seeing Gayle’s magical power, begin to offer her many gifts and ask for her blessing in battle, or for her to cure a sick relative or for her to curse an enemy.

In the morning the party sets out for Demogear’s they tell the orc’s to wait in the cave and that they will come back for them. The party makes a plan where they will go and meet with Demogear tell him that Grugo sent 100 orcs to invade him and that they are trapped in a cave nearby. Then they will tell Demogear that he should kill the 100 orcs and then invade Grugo while he is weak and does not have a lot of his forces with him.

They also send a message to the resistance telling them that they should kill Riven because Grugo already thinks he is dead and that they are breaking off Grugo’s deal and that they should prepare to kill any orcs that Grugo has left stationed there.

The resistance replies back saying that they will go ahead and kill Riven and then await the parties signal to overthrow their orc overlords.

The party that is to say Suresh, Lorella and Gayle set off for Demogears. Suresh and Gayle hide in the shadows while Lorella approaches one of Demogear’s scouting patrols.
She tells them that she wants to meet with Demogear. The scouts freak out tell her not to move and then go and get more dudes. Twenty more orcs show up. An orc officer asks Lorella what she’s doing here. She tells him that she wants to meet with Demogear and that Grugo is planning to invade him and has 100 troops stationed nearby.

The officer asks her several times if she has any companions with her, he seems to expect that she should have other people with her, he doesn’t seem to believe her when she says she is alone. He also seems to recognize her he tells her that he’s heard a lot about and that if she will come with him that he will take her to Grugo’s. She decides that this is a bad idea, and she decides instead to book it back to the cave. The orc’s pursue her but Lorella beats them back to the cave. She finds a hiding spot just above the cave entrance. Suresh and Gayle stealthily follow Lorella and join her above the cave.

The scouts soon arive at the cave along with 200 of Grugo’s troops, 100 troops from the emperor’s army who were visiting grugo’s camp and some VIP bad guys who arrive by flying bat.

Meeting with Grugo
Session 15

The party makes a dirty deal with a dirty orc,
Nil skips out on everybody
and Lorella asserts her dominance in the bedroom.

The party returns to the resistance, with Belonz, but before Belonz can be properly be reinstated as the resistance leader, the party must first meet with Grugo about a deal he made with Riven (the substitute resistance leader) Nil leaves the party and the resistance.
The party travels to Grugo’s and strikes a deal with him. Grugo agrees to free Mariah if the party will attack one of his rivals. The party accepts this offer and plan to set out the next day with 100 of Grugo’s troops.

Meeting at Grugo’s
The party travels back to the resistance with Belonz and the others they rescued from Baelon. They find out first hand about the deal that Riven made with Grugo. They tell Riven that they don’t like what he’s done, and that they are putting Belonz back in power. Riven agrees but says they should go talk to Grugo first. The party agrees and makes plans to head to Grugo’s. Nil declines to join the party on their journey. He says he is leaving to go and try to find his true love who he found out is still alive and to try and find the drow resistance (Taylor left the game).

The party heads out to Grugo’s, on the way there they kill a few hill giants, and rescue some of Grugo’s men in the process. Once they get to Grugo’s they gain an audience with him. The party works out a deal with Grugo, where he will let Mariah go if the party attacks a rival orc leader who’s been troubling Grugo. The party agrees, Grugo gives them 100 of his own troops to, use in an attack against Demogear, the orc who’s been troubling him. Grugo asks Lorella if she is the new leader of the resistance. Lorella tells Grugo that she is, and that she killed Riven.

The party gets ready to bed for the night in Grugo’s camp, Lorella gets a hut all to herself since she is regarded as a chief by the orcs. While the rest of the party has to sleep in another hut. Suresh tells Lorella that it’s unfair that she gets a hut all to herself while the rest of them have to share. Lorella throws Suresh out of her hut. Suresh then grumpily goes and sleeps with the rest of party in the other hut.

Wolf Girl
Session 14


The party kills some looters and finds a new party member.


With Belonz, and the rest of the NPCs that they met in Baelon in tow. The party heads back to the resistance. On the way there they come upon the site of a battle between orc soldiers and a large pack of wolves. The area is filled with corpses of the dead soldiers and wolves. Also at the scene are several bandits who are finishing off any wounded soldiers or orcs they find and looting the bodies. The party attacks the bandits and kills them, they are joined in the battle by a shape changing drow who emerges from a pile of corpses changes into a wolf and begins to attack the bandits.

The party finds out that the shape changers name is Gale and that she is a feral half drow half elf druid. Gale joins the party and they travel the rest of the way back to the resistance’s hide out.

Break Out 2 & The Evil Parties Briefing
Session 13


The party takes another beating, kills even more orcs and with the help of a npc with impeccable timing escape the prison.


The party releases the near death Belonz from his bonds and then rushes towards the exit of the dungeon. The party is beat up at this point they are near death and have very few resources left. The party gets into a final fight with a large group of guards, after defeating the guards. The drunkards friend shows up and helps the party escape via a secret passage.

Meanwhile the Nose goes to ___________ the emperors capital city to make their report on the attack on the way station. They meet with ___________ the secretary of state, they give the secretary their report on what happened and suggestions on what they think should be done.

Break Out
Session 12


Suresh, Nildar and Lorella ninja their way into an enemy fortress and then murder their way to the bottom of the dungeon where they kill the boss and rescue Bolas’ dad, now only if they could find a way out…

Suresh – Is a glutton for punishment and gets dropped during the boss fight, also does “A GET OVER HERE!” scorpion move on a dude with his grappling chakram.

Nildar – Achieves ultimate ninja mode, also bonds with a little drow kid, and then hits on his mom!

Lorella – Slays the fucking boss like a champ, also actually gets hurt.


The party arrive in Baelon. They sneak into the city through a passage in the sewers that they learned of from a travelling merchant. In the sewers they discover a drunken human who claims to be a member of the resistance and one of Belonz’s lieutenants, accompanying the human are two young children a half human half drow boy, and a half human half goblin girl. The children tell the party that their mother and the drunks friend (another Lt and member of the resistance according to the drunkard) left to go and rescue Belonz. The drunk assumes that they are both dead, he feels hopeless and is trying to drink his sorrows away.

The party decides to rescue Belonz from prison and find out what happened to the children’s mother and the drunks friend.

Bolas and Vellen cast magical aid on Suresh, Lorella and Nildayre, who then sneak into the prison. They assasinate/get into a fight with several guards, and then after fighting their way to the dungeon of the prison, they defeat two ogre mages and then find Belonz barely alive in the bottom of the dungeon.


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